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We still need more people to apply for adminship and chat moderators. I also still need regular contributors for the wiki. Just as the last post said, to apply for these, simply leave a message on the talk page. DJ Grimm XL 11:50, April 1, 2012 (UTC)


  • AudioVox is planning a line of open-sound electronic instruments. Some designs denote new Drum Machines, and alternating pattern Synthesizers.
  • AudioVox has released four new synthesizer keyboards! Two feature 12' Mix tables built in for all your musical needs!

Joke of the Wiki!Edit

Alien Courier: Commander, I don't think the humans got our message saying we're taking over their world.

Alien Commander: Really? What did they think it was?

Alien Courier: Well, Commander, they called it Dubstep and started dancing to it...

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